Experiencing the dynamics of the global economic crisis in three hours

The stock exchange game “International financial market”

This game highlights the advantages of a simulation: Never was gambling with millions easier, more exciting and more informative, and even the almost inevitable insolvencies of large financial players at the end of the game do not really hurt anybody. It’s no coincidence this game remains among our most popular.

2008, at the height of the global financial crisis: planpolitik begins developing a simulation game that allows participants to experience the dynamics of this crisis – herd instinct, crisis of confidence, mass panic.

The scene is the floor of the stock exchange: the actors are big banks, insurance companies and hedge funds who are all after maximising their profits. As the game progresses, the significance of low borrowing costs, unreliability, an incompleteness of information, herd instinct and selling pressure become apparent as shares are plummeting.

Years later, we still like using this simulation in order to enable participants to experience the thrill of the gamble. The game serves as a practice-oriented “bonus” to an event on the financial crisis and its subsequent implications in the real economy.

This game can be combined with the game “Debt crisis.”


Facts + Figures

Target group

Pupils aged 16-18

  • Experiencing the dynamics and constraints of the stock markets – insecurity, incomplete information, herd instinct, selling pressure etc.
  • Recognising the difference between low risk and high risk investments
  • Reflection on the causes of the financial crisis

several, e.g. Evangelische Akademie Loccum


3 h

Number of participants





German, English



  • For years we have been relying on the expertise and the extensive methodological competence of planpolitik. They make our seminars more lively because they truly embrace the idea of involving the participants.

    Simone Schad-Smith (Evangelische Akademie Loccum)

  • The simulation game was realistic and well thought out. It was exciting to gain so much insight into the share market.


  • The facilitators were great because they motivated us to work but weren't too strict and controlling.