Designing and developing a stand for IdeenExpo13

Playfully gaining an understanding of Europe

A premier for planpolitik: in 2013, we designed our first exhibition stand. Complete with interactive and playful elements, it was part of Europäisches Informationszentrum Niedersachsen’s (EIZ) stand on the topic of – Europe! Visitors of IdeenExpo13 were invited to solve riddles and perform tasks in order to construct a European pyramid out of a total of 16 cubes.

Participants had 15 minutes to solve all the tasks. They were asked to estimate figures, perform dexterity exercises and solve puzzles and maths problems – all on theme of Europe and the EU. For each correctly solved puzzle or task, participants were given a specific number of the cubes that were needed to construct the pyramid. If a group managed to complete the pyramid within the given time limit, they won a prize.

The tasks worked very well, the participants had a good time and for a brief moment, the subject of Europe was associated by most of them with having fun!

However, there was a problem…The cubes (measuring 60x60x60 cm) were somewhat unstable, since the cardboard they were made out of was too thin! Luckily, the participants took it with humour, as did the EIZ, and next time we’ll use more stable material.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Visitors of the EIZ stand at IdeenExpo 13

  • Fun at the trade exhibition stand!
  • Basic knowledge of Europe and the EU

Europäisches Informationszentrum (EIZ) Niedersachsen


5 days

Number of participants

Several hundred throughout the exhibition







  • Of course, we, too, are looking forward to working with you again, not least because the idea of a game and what you have developed, works well. A bit of competition, some knowledge and a visually effective result! I imagine that the game would be the source of much fun and successful learning during activity weeks or in class.

    Michael Buckup, State Chancellery of Lower Saxony, Europäisches Informations-Zentrum