European politics as social media

European Parliament 2.0

How to experience politics online? The online simulation game European Parliament 2.0 is a playful and exciting way to help school kids understand the development of an EU law. Teachers can easily integrate the game into the curriculum without needing any extra prior technical knowledge. It gets particularly exciting when several groups or classes link up in the game.

Log into Senaryon. Change roles. You are now a Member of the European Parliament, reachable via your Internet browser. Your fellow players also assume their own roles, and within minutes, negotiations on the European legislative procedure begin. Teachers are amazed at the amount of chat you guys are generating on this topic. All votes take place digitally, and instead of nodding your head in approval, you click a „Like“ button. Afterwards, many participants say that the discussion dynamic they are used to from regular class room discussions was suspended. Inside the chat, everyone gets their say.

Teachers tend to find that the best way to integrate digital media in class is by embedding preparation and evaluation exercises. The online simulation game is not exclusively suited to single groups or classes of pupils. It can also be played by groups from several schools in several countries, allowing up to 60 pupils to experience European politics in a playful manner.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Pupils aged 15-19

  • Getting to know the institutional structure of the EU
  • Getting to know and reflecting on political processes through active participation
  • Playfully train digital cooperation and use it constructively

Ministry of School and Further Education of North Rhine-Westphalia

Project partner
Minister for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media of North Rhine-Westphalia

90 minutes

Number of participants



World Wide Web





  • Pupils' voices from the evaluation:
    „The texts were informative, and I liked how the game functions and the way it was designed.”
    „Something new for a change, it was fun“
    „I have learnt a lot about negotiations and it's more interesting than reading texts.“
    „It looked like Facebook, so I liked it”.“
    „It's always easier to learn when playing...“
    „The texts were kept to essentials and the graphics were good.“