Beyond panel discussions: interactive formats for events

Training seminar on interactive methods in Tunisia

How do I turn passive listeners into active participants? How do I encourage the listeners to not just take what they’ve heard for granted, but to get involved in the discussion, contribute to the exchange and have fun in the process? In this four-day training seminar for future leaders from all over Tunisia, we introduced, tested and discussed a wide range of interactive formats for the different phases of an event – all in French!

Tunisia is a paradise of sorts for interactive formats – as soon as a new exercise has been introduced, a discussion ensues. Very lively, very involved, always with humour and a great thirst for knowledge. Therefore it is all the more surprising that interactive methods beyond the panel discussion are practically unknown in Tunisia. The same seems to be the case for many other regions of the world. We have facilitated variations of this training seminar in Ethiopia, Vietnam and the Philippines – as well as in Germany. So far, the potential of interactive methods does not seem to have been recognised.

During the training seminar organised by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Tunisia for a group of future leaders (the so-called „Génération Avenir“), each method was first tested by the participants. We believe that participants of training seminars, too, learn the most by trying things out themselves.

The methods introduced in the seminar were structured along the following learning modules that build upon one another and each serve a different purpose:

  1. Start and ‘energizer‘ without topical relevance
  2. First topical point of entry
  3. Continuation of topical work
  4. Longer and more complex methods make up the main part
  5. Methods for presenting and discussing results
  6. Evaluation

Based on what they learnt, the participants went on to develop concrete ideas for events, some of which have already been successfully realised. This fast transfer into professional reality is, of course, a particularly welcome result of a training seminar.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young Professionals und multipliers from all of Tunisia, „Génération Avenir“

  • Introduction to interactive methods
  • Recognise the potential of using interactive methods
  • Being able to use and teach the methods oneself

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Tunisia


3 days

Number of participants



Tunis (Tunisia)