Team-building training at Hertie School of Governance

Teamwork as a challenge: Producing a short film

Teamwork is essential in a world where work demands a combination of very different skills and in which a “lone ranger”-type character is less and less in demand. But how to build a functional and effective team? What to look out for when building a new team? Participants of our team-building seminar will find some of the answers to these questions. They can test themselves in a rather special challenge: They have one day in which to produce a short film – from writing the script to finishing the edit.

This innovative way of training team skills has been proving rather successful since its inception in 2006. Under the guidance of a professional film maker who is lending technical support, the students set out to make a short film together. An inspiring task that most of us do not tend to experience in everyday life, albeit one that poses considerable challenges of organisation and the creative inclusion of all participants: story and script, costume design, props, actors, camera, sound, direction, edit – producing a movie only works with a functioning team. You can usually tell a film that is a result of bad teamwork. It is one of the main aims of this workshop to learn how to recognise and quickly get a feeling for the strengths, weaknesses and motivations of individual team members and use them to build a well functioning team.

Before work on the film begins, key aspects of good team work are conveyed via input and short exercises. These points include being able to define the common goal, recognising individual skills and making maximum use of them, setting clear and realistic objectives, communicating effectively and dealing with conflicts within the team.

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Target group

Students of Hertie School of Governance

  • How does a functioning and effective team come into being?
  • What do we need to look out for when building a new team?

Hertie School of Governance


2 days

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  • planpolitik has been a very reliable partner for the Hertie School of Governance. Ever since the start working of the Master of Public Policy programme in 2005 we have been working with them. Their workshops have always been well-prepared and received very good evaluations by the students. The trainings on negotiation and conflict management as well as the grand-scale simulation games have been realistic and thought-through in detail. The concepts of Planpolitik are fully in line with recent academic output. Add to this the friendly and professional attitude of the trainers and you have an idea of a workshop partner close to perfection.

    Dr. Barbara Finke/Jan Fischoeder (Master of Public Policy Programme, Hertie School of Governance)