Moderating a large conference for the Federal Agency for Political Education, with a few extras thrown in

Much discussion during “No Discussion“

“Bustling” in the best sense of the word is how to best describe the atmosphere during the conference “No discussion – democracy and political extremism”. 165 dedicated young people had come to Nuremberg for three days to learn more about different forms of political extremism. Our job was to moderate the entire event as well as create the opening programme. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to use our new conference app.

The Federal Agency for Political Education did not want this youth conference to take place in a classic conference format. Accordingly, we designed activating formats for the first part, i.e. the introduction into the subject matter, in order to motivate the youngsters and allow them to become familiar with the topic.

Following a variety of methods for participants to get to know each other and find a way into the topic, three mini simulation games explored different ways of reacting to signs of radicalisation. There were typical situations about dealing with Salafism, right-wing extremism and left-wing militancy. Immediately after the simulation games, each participant used the conference app to indicate how they would have reacted in the situation described. The result was projected live onto a screen: the majority was open to discussion, always looking to find a way to talk in cases of suspicion.

Over the following two days, our job was to moderate the remaining contributions to the conference and to ensure that everybody got their fair say in the large plenary discussions. Not the easiest of tasks when faced with 165 highly motivated youngsters. On some occasions, several dozens of hands went up simultaneously.

Over the course of the conference, talks, workshops and a Drama Game took place in turns. The second evening was dominated by the Democracy Slam – six slammers inspired an enthusiastic crowd with their language skills. The final part of the programme was about participants getting active themselves. The youngsters then took all the inspiration and motivation back to their respective corners of the Republic, having first given their feedback on the conference via the conference app on their smartphones.

This conference saw the first large-scale use of our conference app as an accompanying online tool for large conferences – and we’re sure it wasn’t the last!

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young people

  • Exchange and discussion, insight into political extremism

Federal Agency for Political Education


3 days

Number of participants