Solution approaches for working with refugees on a local level

Practice day Refuge – Asylum – Migration

Refugee work mostly takes place on a local level! Therefore the local level is where the relevant actors from administrations, charities and the civil society need to be trained and connected. To this end we ran the practice day Refuge – Asylum – Migration in Torgelow/Vorpommern on commission of Demokratieladen Anklam and Federal Agency for Civic Education Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

For the organisers, the main aim of this practice day was to initiate a conversation between the actors who were present. During a lively panel debate in the morning, the 120 participants first gained an insight into existing measures and current developments in the Vorpommern-Greifswald area. Among other points, possibilities and limits in getting refugees into employment were discussed. Everyone’s ears pricked up when options for changing limitations in the refugees’ favour were discussed.

In the afternoon, the participants went into action themselves, each choosing to take part in one of three optional workshops: exploring legal questions, possible improvements of existing structures and interactive methods for use in one’s own work with youngsters and interested citizens.

The feedback was positive throughout, and once again it showed us that there is a willingness to embrace new ways and methods for a friendlier approach to receiving and integrating refugees.

The documentation of the workshops (in German) shows you methods used and results achieved.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Actors from administrations, charities and the civil society

  • Networking
  • Recognise and define local challenge
  • Develop joint solutions

Demokratieladen Anklam

Federal Agency for Civic Education Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


1 day

Number of participants