Creative workshops for pupils

Say it with a song!

Always wanted to make a film on social justice? Compose a new anthem for Europe? Publish a magazine marking the 25 years since the iron curtain fell? This event is just the ticket for you! Participants approach complex social topics by using their creativity. Our experienced team motivates the participants to create impressive works of art in the shortest time.

We have been conducting creative workshops for around 100 young participants at Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) in Bonn at least once a year since 2006. We’re offering workshops for film, theatre, music, magazine publishing and poster design and, since 2014, poetry slam.

After an interactive introduction into the overall theme (e.g. social justice, Europe etc), participants join their chosen creative workshops. There, they have a day and a half to creatively engage with the main topic. The workshop trainers have been working together for years and are able to support and bring together the sometimes very heterogeneous groups, bring hidden talents to the fore and ensure everybody is having fun in the process.

The highlight of the event is a show in which each workshop group presents its creations, followed by a discussion with an often high-calibre guest – such as Kurt Beck, who joined us in 2013. The results are colourful and diverse, and accompanying teachers often comment that they never see their pupils as animated in class as they are here. A very activating and motivating format that works with very heterogeneous groups and/or weaker students.


Facts + Figures

Target group

School kids of 15 or above, adults

  • Getting to know creative methods
  • Approach a topic from a creative angle for a change

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn


2 days

Number of participants

Around 100







  • The workshop facilitators all managed to motivate my pupils extremely well over two days, resulting in these admirable pieces of work.

    Teacher Susanne O.

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