Moderating an international conference by giz

Towards a New Grand Design in Global Governance!

Finding a new master plan for global governance architecture– the subject of an international expert conference, designed and moderated in Bonn by planpolitik in 2010. 150 experts from all over the world gathered to discuss the implementation of a proposal for a new and more effective structure of global governance architecture.

The conference was organised by InWEnt, a predecessor organisation of today’s Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz). The experts discussed the feasibility of a “New Grand Design” for global governance architecture. After a number of introductory talks from renowned experts of international development cooperation (DC), the new design’s subject-specific and institutional aspects as well as its financing were discussed in a total of 13 groups.

As a conclusion, Dirk Messner, director of the German Development Institute, urged that the necessity of development cooperation finally be taken seriously and appropriate measures be taken on the highest political level. Since the conference in 2010, there has not been too much more talk about the idea of the Grand New Design and the problems of international development cooperation have yet to be solved. But still conferences like this play an important part in the international DC community, not least for the development of new networks and the discussion of new ideas.


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Target group

International experts of development cooperation

  • What could effective global governance architecture look like?
  • How can a rethink in development cooperation be brought about?

giz Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (formerly known as InWEnt)


1 day

Number of participants