An intercultural workshop in Hamburg

No more pigeonholing!

How do I see myself? How do others see me? Who are “the others” in a culturally diverse society? This and other questions are at the heart of this one-day event and are discussed and answered with the participants. Exercises, discussions and a simulation game especially designed for the workshop provide an opportunity to take on a role and thereby a different perspective on the world. What characterises living in a modern-day Babel – a culturally diverse, even chaotic city?

Many have only recently begun to accept that Germany is an immigration country – perception is lagging behind reality by several decades. One of the consequences is that there is almost no culture of appreciation of the talents and characteristics contributed by migrants. It’s a different story in the US, and therefore the programme includes that perspective and aims to highlight differences between the US and Germany.

The workshop is aimed at all those who see a diverse society as either a challenge or a chance and would like to share their experiences with others. In order not to talk about people with a migration background, but rather with them and from their perspective, we ask: which talents remain unrecognised because they are not typically German virtues, values or strengths? How can these talents be experienced? And what about generalisations: do all Arab and Turkish people here in Germany have the same interests? Of course they don’t. Our mix of methods is designed to make these kinds of misunderstanding palpable.

Again and again, our young participants ask politicians and society in general: stop pigeonholing us! And don’t blindly support us just because we have a migration background. We are an integrative part of this diverse society!

Facts + Figures

Target group

Secondary school pupils aged 16 and above

  • Bringing to the fore (hidden) talents in young people with migration backgrounds
  • Reflecting on discrimination in an intercultural context

Federal Agency for Political Education in cooperation with Amerikazentrum Hamburg

Project partner
Odette Enayati (freelance trainer for civic education)

1 day

Number of participants








  • The simulation games are of a pleasantly non-pedagogic nature. They depict urban chaos and play on confusion. There are no prerequisites apart from the participants' own life experience. All the common terminologies that nobody wants to hear anymore, especially not young people, are left out. A creatively demanding experience that does not deal with interculturality but with personal experience and personal thinking – truly mind-expanding. The event becomes a one-day trip around the world which at the end sees the traveller land safely, but in a different place.

    Odette Enayati
    (Co-)trainer Intercultual workshop with planpolitik an the Amerikazentrum Hamburg