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Skills training

In our skills training courses we strengthen key skills: How do I conduct successful (multilateral) negotiations that meet at least some of each side's needs? What is leadership? How do I initiate processes of change? How do I put together a team and reinforce cooperation? How do I deal with conflicts and crises?

In our skills training sessions, we provide answers to these and other questions as well as a safe space to try out what you have learned. We thereby combine theoretical and analytical elements with interactive exercises, teamwork, group discussions and feedback. 

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Projects - Skills training

Skills training

BATNA is not just a city in Algeria

Interactive political education work always promotes key skills - whether in communication, negotiation, conflict management or teamwork. Based on this...

Method training

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Method training

Beyond the panel discussion

How do passive listeners become active participants? How can they actively participate in discussions and exchange and have fun doing...

Method training, Skills training

Simulation games? Yes! Take the plunge!

It will come as no surprise that we are enthusiastic about the simulation game method, because simulation games are one...

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