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Strategy and scenarios

Professional consulting and moderation is essential - whether in strategy processes for the reorientation of an organisation, the development of different future scenarios or the initiation of social innovations with the help of the design thinking method. Instead of solutions or ready-made answers, we offer you methodical support in asking the right questions, working out the central challenges and identifying potential for change. 

Our particular strength lies in the tailor-made development of the right project design with regard to the target group and objectives - combined with an open and adaptive facilitation style that is focused on the needs of the participants.

Projects - Strategy and scenarios

Strategy and scenarios

Empowering the next generation

As the last young participants leave the "Iserlohn Participation Day", a project that has accompanied and inspired our Democracy and Society Department for almost a whole year comes to an end.

Strategy and scenarios

There are Thousands of Alternatives

We are looking ahead to the year 2030: What about the coherence of the European Union? Will the EU be strengthened or weakened as an independent actor capable of acting? Are the states and societies...

Strategy and scenarios

Senaryon, the virtual think tank

Senaryon is more than a platform for simulation games: It is also an excellent online environment for a virtual think tank. Participants can work together on their ideas, policy recommendations or a list of demands....

Strategy and scenarios

Involvement thrives on networking

Networking is important - for the work of action alliances and movements as well as for other civil society actors. Building and maintaining a network helps to spread ideas, programmes and projects, to mobilise people...

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