The idea of simulating the effects of climate change and climate policy in a game has been with us for some time. Thanks to our long-term partner, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the idea became a ground-breaking project - our first online simulation game that directly illustrates the effects of one's own actions.
More specifically, the aim is to shed light on the difficulties in climate-related political negotiations and illustrate how the decisions taken affect the economy, the environment and society now and in the near future. In addition, we want to use the simulation game to demonstrate the opportunities and possibilities inherent in an ambitious climate policy. Participants in the simulation game are not dependent on any particular path. They can and must decide for themselves which decisions they make - and recognise the effects of their decisions.
Due to the pandemic, the first event had to take place online. That's why we implemented the simulation game directly on our own simulation game platform Senaryon - a decision that also makes sense beyond the pandemic: The projections for the development of the consequential climate damage and other economic and social indicators must be calculated and visualised. Here Senaryon offers many advantages over other solutions such as Excel lists. For this, we had to develop numerous new functions on Senaryon, once again entering uncharted territory!
It was more than worth the effort! The feedback from the participants (young professionals from various countries in Central and Eastern Europe) following the first edition was extremely positive and more than made up for the many late nights we had spent on concept and technical implementation.  
Thanks to the new functions on Senaryon, the possibilities in implementing complex simulation settings have once again been raised to a new level. Not least because of the positive feedback, we are convinced that digital features can significantly enhance classic simulation games, especially when dealing with complex simulations. 

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