There are great clients, there are favourite clients, and there is the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung! In May 2006, the FES gave us our first "real" assignment as planpolitik - the first "globalisation simulation game" with around 60 pupils in the Foundation's premises in Bonn. The negotiations at the fictitious global governance conference included Bono (who remembers?) as a representative of the global debt relief campaign and George W. Bush as US President. 

Since then, we have certainly organised over 500 events on behalf of the FES, in which around 20,000 young people have taken part. The workshops with simulation games and other interactive methods not only offer insights into the topics and workings of politics, but also promote critical thinking and democratic competence. And the great thing is that the framework agreement was extended for at least two more years at the beginning of 2024. For schools throughout Germany, this means that we come to the school or another educational institution, organise a workshop with a simulation game for one or two days, and it costs the school exactly nothing. 

This is thanks to the fantastic support from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, which emphasises its ongoing commitment to political (youth) education. We are very pleased about this prioritisation, which we find extremely important, especially in this day and age. And we are grateful for the trust placed in our work and see it as an incentive to further strengthen our commitment to democratic citizenship education. In times when democratic values are increasingly being challenged, it is all the more important to equip young people with the tools they need to effectively get involved and shape the future. 

Our workshop formats cover a wide range of topics: 
  1.  Shaping globalisation: Simulation of an international conference on: peace and security, development and migration, climate and environment 
  2. Democracy lab: A playful introduction to basic questions of democracy, the mechanisms of party democracy and the dynamics of an election campaign 
  3. Future of Europe: How does the EU work, why do we need it, what should it look like in the future? Short simulation games and other interactive modules, development of own visions 
  4. Just transition: Simulation game on the structural change of a fictitious industrialised country in the climate crisis: negotiations on energy transition, transport transition and agricultural transition 
  5. EU-Ukraine workshop: Interactive modules and short simulation games on relations between the EU and Ukraine, the EU's role in the war, aspects of enlargement, energy and security policy. 
  6. Financial markets and the economy: Experience the dynamics of international financial markets and networked economic policy in the roles of major banks and hedge funds, governments, the opposition and civil society 
  7. Progressive fiscal policy: Public debt, investments, taxes. Central aspects of financial and budgetary policy, with simulation game and other interactive elements. 
  8. (Not in the framework agreement:) Strike is in the air: Workshop with simulation game on collective bargaining and industrial action. How does collective bargaining work? And what do trade unions do? 
Would you like to invite us to your institution? Simply get in touch with us ( or directly with your regional FES office! By the way: We are also happy to travel abroad! 

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