Ideas labs at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg

3.750 ideas for a better Europe

What do young Europeans think regarding current political and social issues? Where do they see an acute need to act because the status quo has become unacceptable or unbearable? What are their ideas and visions? These questions were at the heart of the ideas labs that planpolitik developed on commission from the European Parliament and then conducted first online, then on-site at the European Youth Event (EYE). After its premiere in May 2014, the EYE rerun in May 2016 saw the application of our very own ConferenceApp software.

Every other year thousands of young people from all over Europe gather in Strasbourg at the invitation of the European Parliament. During the European Youth Event (EYE), they spend time thinking about a better Europe as well as celebrating our continent’s diversity. Parts of the extensive EYE programme are 10 ideas labs – developed and facilitated by planpolitik.

Based on the concept of the future workshop, each lab consists of a criticism phase, a utopia phase and a realisation phase. To allow all EYE participants to take part, the criticism phase takes place online before the actual event in Strasbourg. Using an online platform designed by planpolitik, the participants can to post critical comments in English, German and French as well as rate the relevance of other contributions. Small games invite the visitors to view critical aspects of current policies. In the week before the EYE the posts are clustered according their popularity and then used as the basis for the following two phases that take place on-site in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

And at EYE itself it is ACTION time: Within two days, a total of 10 ideas labs take place, lasting three hours each and boasting up to 130 participants. The planpolitik team is busy from morning until night, witnessing the young people’s potential come to fruition. At the beginning of every lab, the participants need to take a step back from the collected criticism and try to think positively, optimistically and be unafraid to express utopian ideas. Small groups are then formed in which visions are developed and discussed and where the best ideas are identified. At the very end we have one last highlight: Using planpolitik’s ConferenceApp on her or his Smartphone or tablet, each participant vote for her or his personal five favourite ideas. The 10 ideas with the most votes are then presented to a high-ranking expert from the European Parliament. It’s obvious that the MEPs should know about the thoughts and ideas of European youth as well, and therefore rapporteurs inform them about the most valuable contributions after the EYE is over.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young people from all EU states, taking part in the European Youth Event 2014

  • Development of new ideas
  • Exchange with people from other European countries

European Parliament


Designing, developing and facilitating 10 ideas labs for the European Youth Event (EYE) complete with preliminary online phase

Project lifetime

February 2014-May 2014; November 2014-June 2016


2 days

Number of participants





English, German, French


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