Our workshop for youngsters makes complex visions of the EU’s future tangible

A vision of the future: EU 2025

The terrorist threat, Brexit, closing of borders, the Euro crisis – most headlines about the EU have been rather disconcerting of late. The President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, is speaking of a „multilayered poly-crisis“. Many believe that fundamental change is needed. But what might the EU of the future look like? Our workshop provides answers for pupils of 15 years and older.

The fact that, so far, EU crisis management has failed to hit home, clearly shows that things are not looking good. But there is positive news, too: the current EU crisis, the most serious crisis to date, has kicked off a long-overdue debate about the EU’s future direction. A particularly positive aspect is that the EU Commission is taking part in this discussion, i.e. by publishing the „White Paper on the Future of Europe. Reflections and scenarios for the EU27 by 2025“ in March 2017.

In our workshop „A vision of the future: EU 2025”, pupils experience this current process of reorientation and consolidation within the EU. Abstract and theoretical concepts and visions on the impending development of the EU are translated into concrete and tangible options for action, thereby allowing the participants to address the topic of European integration without needing extensive expert knowledge. Some of the key questions are: In which areas of policy should cooperation be intensified? What are the effects of a „two-speed Europe“ on projects such as a social Europe?

In a simulation game, the participants take the roles of heads of state and governments as well as Members of the European Parliament and enter negotiations. Following the simulation game, the pupils discuss the future EU from their own personal experience as EU citizens. What do they want Europe to be like? How can they participate in the transformation process and help create „their“ Europe? The results of these considerations are presented at the end of the workshop in the form of an individually designed campaign.

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Target group

Students aged 15 or over

  • Gain knowledge about the status quo and future scenarios of the EU
  • Develop an understanding for the complexity of political decisions on an EU level
  • Thinking about one’s own vision for the EU
  • Expanding one’s own ability to act
  • Train negotiation and argumentation skills

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Forum Jugend und Politik

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Hesse


1-2 days

Number of participants