Coaching for (future) facilitators

Becoming a simulation game buff – step by step

Gathering materials, cleverly distributing roles, working out schedules, coordinating small groups, solving conflicts and always staying on top of things – successfully facilitating simulation games requires some training. As an addition to our range of training courses, we now run on-site coachings. We guide teachers and multipliers in facilitating a simulation game with their own class of school kids or youth group, coaching them to facilitate games on their own.

We believe that simulation games are perfectly suited to convey the contents and dynamics of European politics. Therefore we promote simulation games as an interactive method for use in civil education and at schools i.e. by providing up-to-date game materials free of charge.

As part of the project „Next Level: Europe“, which was created for the European Commission Representation in Germany, we developed simulation game sets on the topics of „climate“ and „asylum“, with versions varying in length and level of difficulty.  The idea was to allow teachers and multipliers to facilitate the simulation games themselves. All game materials are free to download. In order to ease users into the world of the simulation game, we developed an accompanying coaching module to assist first-time facilitators in their first ever game. Members of planpolitik provide guidance when preparing the materials, advise before and during the event and ensure the game runs successfully. At the end of the event, there is time for extensive feedback.

Our coaching is perfectly suited for training whole groups of teachers at schools or teams of trainers in foundations, regional centres for civic education and other educational institutions. It prepare them for an independent facilitation of simulation games, be it as a one-off or on a regular basis. Coaching modules can be booked for the EU simulations of „Next Level: Europe“ as well as the EU simulation games for primary schools. Please feel free to request coaching modules for other topics, EU-related or otherwise.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Teachers at all types of schools, multipliers in civic education

  • Increasing methodological expertise
  • Being qualified to facilitate simulation games

Berlin Senate

Regional Centre for Political Education North Rhine-Westphalia


3 h to 2 days

Number of participants

Up to 5 teachers or multipliers and up to 50 participating youngsters