EU training for Thuringian civil servants

…European policy matters on a federal state level, too

Draft regulations and guidelines by the Commission, Green Papers, White Papers, requests to take in consultation procedures, statements from the Committee Of The Regions – all these things and more constantly find their way onto the desks of civil servants at the administrations of the federal states. But which are the important bits? And how exactly does this EU actually work?

By now, European politics is firmly intertwined with the federal state level and the communal level. The Lisbon Treaty guarantees the Federal Council (Bundesrat) participatory rights in EU legislative procedures. In order to be able to adequately exercise these rights, knowledge and skills that stand the test of professional political practice are essential.

Conveying this type of knowledge is the aim of the annual trainings run by planpolitik in Thuringia since 2013. During short simulation games, the internal workings of the EU Commission and the ordinary legislative procedure can be experienced rather than just read about. Interactive input conveys the necessary facts on the internal division of powers, institutions and the federal states’ standing within the EU system.

This training focuses on the everyday work life and the professional backgrounds of the participants. In small groups, the participants determine which individual skills and institutional requirements need to be met in order to fulfil the tasks set by European politics.


Facts + Figures

Target group

Employees of the Thuringian state authorities

  • Knowledge about EU institutions, their functionality and their interactions within the legislative procedure
  • Knowledge about the position and competencies of the federal states within the EU system

Thuringian Ministry of Interior Affairs, Department for cross-departmental and internal training


2-3 days

Number of participants