Our ConferenceApp opens up new avenues for exchange between conference participants

Digital discussions

The bigger the conference, the more challenging it is the interactive involvement of all participants. The more ideas come up during a workshop, the more chaotic the pile of moderation cards becomes. Our solution: a browser-based, secure miniature social network for exchange and discussion during conferences and seminars.

As was to be expected, the first development steps involved a lot of bugs and 404-Not-found moments, but these days, the ConferenceApp is running smoothly. Since first being deployed during the conference “The Road to Paris” in the autumn of 2015 it has steadily grown with every event, be it at the youth conference “No Discussion”, the “European Youth Event 2016” in the European Parliament in Strasbourg or as part of the “planpolitik-organised Federal Conference of European Schools”.

Thanks to its modular software structure we can combine the app’s features (written contributions, comments, votes and evaluations, presenting the best ideas or questions and many more) to suit each individual event, add new functions if needed and create an event user interface. Users register with ConferenceApp on the day of the event – or a few weeks before – and use it as part of the programme. In order to embed contributions and voting results, selected posts can be projected to be seen by everybody. The app can remain online after the conference, allowing participants to continue their exchange, to post feedback or examples of best practise.

The app is browser-based, no software downloads necessary. Users gain access via a special code; it is of great importance to us to offer a secure (digital) space – this, in our view, is crucial in order to guarantee an open and productive atmosphere.

In October 2016 the ConferenceApp celebrated another premiere. For the first time, during the NA’s annual conference at BIBB, the software was used as part of a conference that was neither organised, developed or moderated by planpolitik. Our sole involvement was as software providers, a new experience for us! And proof that demand is high for a digital solution such as ConferenceApp.


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Participants at large-scale events

  • Interaction Exchange of opinions

European Parliament, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, NA at BIBB



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