Development of a trilingual game set on the topics of justice and participation

European Project “EDC for all!”

Towards the end of 2013 we became part of a Europe-wide, EU-funded project for the first time ever. This project itself was part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Project. The title of our project: „EDC for All – Qualifying and Mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) within Europe“. It was concluded in December 2015, when we delivered a trilingual game set dealing with the topics of justice and participation.

Our main task within this project was to develop two innovative games that were then to be used in democracy and human rights work across Europe and even worldwide.

We managed to complete the task, by producing a rather elegant game set containing two games and all materials necessary for facilitation: firstly, the card game S*INTRO, with a focus on social and societal participation and exclusion. Secondly, a dice game called ja!do, on the topics of justice and fairness in society.

The game set is available in German, English and Portuguese, since the project coordinating NGO Dínamo Associação is based in Sintra, Portugal. Other partners were the European Council, the European human rights network DARE as well as the Aga Khan Development Network. You can order the game set directly from us (shipping costs only!) or download the materials from our website.

The journey from the first brainstorming workshop with experts in July 2014 through numerous test runs throughout 2015 to completion of the set in December 2015 was a very exciting process, during which we learnt a lot. Particularly in the final months of the project, planpolitik was faced with previously unknown challenges such as managing the production of 150 game sets, a task that involved ourselves ordering and packaging 90 000 game pieces.
Cooperation with our partners was extremely productive and rewarding, and we’ll be remembering the three project meetings held in Portugal as particular highlights of the last couple of years. And we are confident that this was not the last project working with these partners.

If you would like to find out more about the project – e.g. about the translation into German of the “Charter for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education” as well as a manual on the use of the Charter, both as part of the project – we would like to direct you to the project website


Facts + Figures

Target group

Multipliers and trainers all over Europe, working in education for democratic citizenship and human rights education

  • Developing materials for the education for democratic citizenship and human rights education

European Commission

Project partner
Dínamo – Associação
Council of Europe
Human rights network DARE
Aga Khan Development Network

Developing games for education for democratic citizenship and human rights education
Translating accompanying documents into German

Project lifetime

2 years


2 years

Number of participants



Sintra/Portugal, as well as Berlin