Simulating a European Council summit on Croatia's accession to the EU

Euphoria for Europe – Croatia makes it happen

Enthusiastic Europeans can be found in large numbers in Croatia, at least, that is the impression we got in July 2013 when Croatia’s accession to the EU was celebrated in Zagreb. We were right in the middle of it, thanks to a simulation game on the future of Europe, organised by the Croatian branch of Klub Alpbach.

35 “hand-picked” and highly motivated Croatians took part in this two-day simulation game – and we have rarely experienced a better event on the future of Europe. Negotiations were rather realistically taking place between the group of states leaning towards Euro-scepticism, lead by the delegation of Great Britain, and those states more in favour of integration. The participants lead very intense, sophisticated and therefore sometimes rather difficult negotiations, with the informal part being conducted almost entirely in Croatian. As is often the case in simulation games, the result was close to reality: almost no concrete steps were decided on. Instead, declarations of intent dominated. As part of the celebrations around Croatia’s accession to the EU, the delegation that had been strongest in negotiations was presented with an award – it happened to be the German delegation.

Apart from experiencing a great simulation game, it was a very special moment for us to witness the accession live and to meet so many enthusiastic Europeans – a breath of fresh air, given the rather muted and sceptical attitude in the old member states.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Students from all over Croatia

  • Understanding key points of the European integration debate
  • Understanding the dynamics of multilateral negotiations and the difficulties of decisions requiring consensus

Klub Alpbach Hrvatska


2 days

Number of participants





English, Croatian



  • It was a pleasure to work with you. You gave the simulatiuon its substance and guided the participants more then well.

    Ivor Šutalo, participant

  • According to the ranking provided by the participants, the simulation game organised and facilitated by planpolitik was the most successful event of the conference “Europe Joins Croatia”. For the first time, the participants had the opportunity to really experience the challenging and fascinating work of the European Council. Planpolitik kept the game on a sophisticated level and always ensured that the participants were at the centre of events, allowing them to become fully immersed in their roles.

    Boris Blazevic, Klub Alpbach Hrvatska

In the media

  • Video (in Croatian) of TV student FPZG  – you can learn about our simulation game from minute 13 onwards.