Open one-day workshops for anyone interested!

Finally understanding Europe

Euro crisis, geometric specifications of cucumbers, European elections, ECJ rulings – when reading the paper or watching the news, we are constantly confronted by European news. Still, “this Europe” remains alien to many. Our workshops on Europe shed some light – terminologies are explained, topics discussed and opinions exchanged.

There is a colourful mix of participants; age, background and levels of previous knowledge all vary greatly. But everyone has one thing in common: they would all like to learn more on the subject and are willing to invest one day to do so.

We have created more than ten one-day workshops for various German offices of the Friedrich EbertFoundation, most of them on Europe in general, but some on specific topics such as European elections or the debt crisis. We have used a wide range of methods, from short simulation games and interactive input to ideas workshops and discussions with experts and/or politicians.

For us, these workshops are a highlight of our entire work. Where else would we see a simulation game with a lad of 17 years forming the Polish government with a 71-year-old Lady , or a university professor discussing the the debt crisis with a carpenter?


Facts + Figures

Target group

Interested Adults

  • Basic knowledge and exchange on European topics

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg


1 day

Number of participants



Various, e.g. Hamburg, Bremen, Kassel, Gießen, Wismar, Greifswald…