A future workshop on youth work in Sassnitz/Rügen

Help! The kids are running away!

How can youth work meet more young peoples’ needs? How can the different formats and topics be combined in order to reach young people and avoid unnecessary duplications in youth work programmes? During a three-day future workshop in Sassnitz/Rügen, 30 expert youth workers developed new cooperative paths in youth work.

Youth work in Sassnitz on the German island of Rügen is facing immense challenges: Less and less young people are actually living in the town. Those who do have very few perspectives for the future except working in the tourist sector. Public funding for youth work is limited. Many of the existing programmes do not seem to reach young people, and the different providers cooperate occasionally, some of them have had fallings-out with one another. There is serious competition in the shape of far-right groups attempting to win young people over with their activities.

Given this background, there are a lot of questions about the future of youth work in Sassnitz. Following an initiative by organisers of the programme “Lernen vor Ort” (“Learning on location”), all the relevant actors were brought together to develop new strategies for youth work – by using the method of a future workshop under our guidance. After the “critique phase” (what is currently going wrong in youth work in Sassnitz and why?), the participants developed visions for the future of youth work in Sassnitz without regard for current institutional or financial restrictions.

These visions were then transformed into actual projects and new institutional structures whose chance of being implemented seemed realistic.

An extensive documentation collected all the results and was presented to the town council as well as the mayor of Sassnitz in a specially arranged meeting. The reaction from the town’s administration was very positive. As a result, many of the projects developed during the future workshop four years ago have since been realised – you may well recognise them when visiting Sassnitz as a tourist.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Youth workers in Sassnitz

  • How can youth work in Sassnitz be improved and actually meet young people's needs?
  • How do the structures of youth work need to change in order to become more effective and efficient?

„Lernen vor Ort“ Sassnitz


3 days

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  • I want to thank you for moderating the Future Workshop. You managed to create a wonderful working climate as well as leading us to a top result. All the best for your future work!

    Kathrin Gloede (Trainer, Kreisdiakonisches Werk Stralsund e.V.)