Training seminars on interactive educational formats on climate change and climate policy

Teach climate change interactively

How can you teach the causes and effect of climate change so that young people develop interest in the subject? As part of our training on interactive educational methods in the field of climate change and climate policy we offer shorter and longer games, warm ups, films, videos and introductory materials. In cooperating with the Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Vietnam, we have carried out simultaneously two five-day training.

The training seminar on facilitating a simulation on international climate policy on UN level had to be adapted many times. Test runs in Vietnam had shown that the game was too complex and abstract for the target groups – even when translated into Vietnamese.

We changed the programme on location, including numerous newly developed elements that allowed us to first introduce the causes and effects of climate change and then move on to assess the political dimension of climate change. We used small games and introductory exercises as well as films, videos and introduction materials.

We then guided the participants in developing different programmes for climate workshops in Vietnam that were suited to the target groups and their levels of prior knowledge. The participants of the training seminar can now facilitate the simulation game “International Climate Policy” themselves. We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the first test runs, which will take place before the end of this year.

We also learnt a lot – one must always be prepared to redesign the planned programme; one must be able to improvise when the language skills of the participants are insufficient for doing exercises in English and that young Vietnamese people tend to be shy at first but then often develop great enthusiasm for simulation games and interaction.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young multipliers from all over Vietnam

  • Introduction to basics: climate change and climate policy
  • Introduction to negotiation training
  • Introduction to the simulation game as a method
  • Enabling participants to run simulation games and workshops on climate change and international climate policy

Friedrich Ebert Foudation Vietnam


4 days each

Number of participants



Cuc Phuong and Sapa, Vietnam


English, partly Vietnamese with translation



  • The initial scenario was not easy: a group of Vietnamese youngsters, some extremely shy, whose English often left a lot to be desired and whose knowledge of climate change and international negotiations was close to zero. Thanks to their flexible apprach and enormous experience and knowledge, Simon Raiser and Björn Warkalla managed not only to bring the group up to speed on the topics, but also to motivate them to continue playing the climate game themselves and with other students. Hats off!

    Sonja Schirmbeck, Friedrich Ebert Foundation Vietnam