Assisting the Heinrich Böll Foundation in developing a simulation game

Modern mobility – the simulation game “Tomorrow’s freight traffic“

When we order something online, we expect it delivered to us the next day. At the same time, everybody knows that CO2 emissions must be minimised. We faced this dilemma, together with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, in order to make German transport policy “playable”.

In Germany, 50 tons of goods per person – and rising – are being moved every year. 70 per cent thereof are being hauled across the country’s streets by lorries. However, traffic jams and a crumbling infrastructure are not the country’s only problem. The railway network and waterways need maintenance and modernisation in order to be fit for freight transport in the future.

How can a subject as complex as this be convincingly conveyed while still entertaining participants? The Heinrich Böll Foundation addressed this important subject and asked us to assist them as advisors in the process of developing the simulation game. We developed a suitable concept, oversaw the implementation at every step and facilitated the first run of the game.

By now, the German version of the game is free to download on the Heinrich Böll Foundation website and can be played by smaller groups and without assistance.


Facts + Figures

Target group

Employees of Heinrich Böll Foundation

  • Developing an easy-to-understand scenario in order to reflect decision processes regarding transport policy-making
  • Abstraction of actors' interests for development of role profiles
  • Establishing rules and schedule
  • Modularising the game in order to allow for flexibility (target groups, duration etc.)

Heinrich Böll Foundation


2 weeks

Number of participants