A series of simulation games about the role of the German federal states in Europe

Next Level: Europe

Europe is so far away! Not necessarily, since every region can have its say. The simulation game series Next Level: Europe allows participants to experience how regional participation works in the areas of “Asylum & Migration” and “Energy & Climate”. All game materials (in German) are available to download free of charge! To grant teachers and multipliers even easier use of the games, there are training courses in all 16 federal states.

Participants are introduced to the different topics and formats of the simulation game series: long and short versions for more or less participants, in the simple Basic version or the more complex Challenge option.

In addition to the training course, we offer in every state a simulation game for pupils. Additionally, you can book us as trainers for further runs of the game.

Alternatively, teachers can register for free at www.europaplanspiel.de.There they will find not only the simulation game materials, but also methodical advice and background information. We are particularly proud of two innovations: the interactive “role distributor” and the “game phase assistant” simplify the games’ preparation and facilitation.

But students, too, will find some gems on the online portal: the infotheque links to interactive and well-designed online content on the topic. Role portraits offer data and facts on all the different actors. Quizzes allow students to test their knowledge, and they can leave comments and other contributions on the bulletin board.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Pupils of 12 and above, teachers, multipliers

  • Understand the role of the regions in Europe
Project partner
The European Commission Representation in Germany (in administrative partnership with the Federal States' Chancellories)

3 or 7 h

Number of participants



all over Germany





  • “Super stuff! And great material”
    (participant at kick off event in Hamburg)

  • “Super facilitators, everything was explained very clearly, everything is amazingly well thought out”
    (from evaluation after kick off event in Hamburg)

  • “It was awesome how we were able to try it out immediately and how the differences between the regions were made so clear!!!”
    (participant at kick off event in Hamburg)