Modular teaching programme for youngsters

„On the run – why, where from, what now?“

What does the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) actually do? What is a residence autorisation? Are refugees allowed to work? Why do some use the term ‚refugees’ and others ‚asylum seekers’? Not all these questions have straight answers. And if they do, the answers often raise new questions.

It is relatively easy to pose questions and inspire discussion when talking about the topic of flight, asylum and integration. When it comes to answers, things get a lot more complicated. To many, and we do not just mean young people here, this is a new experience. Authorities and politicians frequently cannot make any concrete statement about the current state of affairs or future challenges. An unusual situation, albeit one that offers opportunities: our project „On the run – why, where from, now what?“ is made up of seven modules designed to invite participants to ask questions, develop ideas and engage in discussions.

The event is kick-started by the compulsory base module. The participants are introduced to the topic using short simulations and knowledge terminals. The following modules serve to address individual aspects in more depth. Depending on fields of interest and time constraints, they can be combined in different ways. There are two simulation games addressing European states’ actions and local admission processes. Another module invites participants to develop their own events with refugees. A question-and-answer module ensures that typical questions by youngsters do not remain unanswered. In addition, a direct conversation with refugees can be scheduled. Please contact us directly for different possible schedules.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s department “Forum Politik und Gesellschaft” will sponsor these workshops (in German) for Berlin schools (only!). Please contact Yvonne Lehmann for further details.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young people of 15 or above

  • Exchange with refugees
  • Expand one’s own competences
  • Gain knowledge on causes of flight
  • Insight into migration process, EU asylum policy, the German asylum process, receiving societies
  • Political negotiation processes at international and local levels

Friedrich Ebert Foundation





  • "There are many children and teens among the refugees. Thus questions of flight and migration have a direct impact on schools all over Germany and have become part of the discussion in local communities. We want to view the topic from different perspectives and use different methods to do so. These methods all activate the participants and initiate a reflection of the subject matter. At the same time we refrain from moralizing lectures!"

    Yvonne Lehmann, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung