Simulation games as a means to participation and integration


How do minority rights have to be designed in  heterogenous societies in order to facilitate a pluralistic coexistence? How to address the friction of freedom of speech and religion on one side and anti-Islamic stereotypes on the other? Our simulation games at the Young Islam Conference try to answer these questions and contribute to the integration debate.

Since 2014, planpolitik has been a regular partner of the Young Islam Conference (YIC). The YIC is a project by forum k&b gmbh and the Humboldt University of Berlin, co-funded by the Mercator Foundation. Based on the idea of the „big“ German Islam Conference, created in 2006 following an initiative by the Federal Government, the YIC aims to provide young people with or without migration backgrounds with a forum for exchange about Islam in Germany and social participation.

By now the YIC exists in several Federal states, and our simulation games have become a regular feature. Of course, the games always address the role of Islam, or, more broadly speaking, of religion, in Germany, but they each highlight different aspects, such as contentious plans for a new mosque, the limits of free speech when staging a theatre play or the formulation of minority rights in a constitutional assembly. What all games have in common is that they address intercultural sensibilities and difficult social issues.

High-ranking politicians have long recognised the YIC’s potential. Federal state prime ministers, mayors or presidents of regional parliaments regularly discuss the simulation games’ results with participants and arrange for the events to take place in their parliament buildings. The fact that these games usually take place in such representative environments makes for the welcome side effect that it is a very special experience, and not just for the participants.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young people between 17 and 25, with or without migration backgrounds

  • Reduce prejudices and racism
  • Develop policy recommendations
  • Strengthening the open and diverse society

Young Islam Conference


1 day

Number of participants



Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Kiel