Two days, eight modules – our interactive workshop on Trump, AfD et al.!

Populism as Principle – Democracy at risk?

Defining one’s own values. The interrelation between majority and minority in democracies. Hallmarks of populism and „alternative facts“. And, not least, effects and effectivity of seemingly simple solutions to complex political problems – the rise of right-wing populism across the whole of Europe and other parts of the world raises many questions. Among the most important is the question of how we want to live in the future. Out interactive workshop helps youngsters find answers to these questions.

But we never wag our finger at others. Instead, we enable participants to decide for themselves whether right-wing populism constitutes a threat to liberal democracy, and if so, what kind of threat.  Within a framework of modules on democratic values, minority protection, and social commitment we look at the topic of right-wing populism from different angles.  In order to help categorise this style of politics, we introduce key terms which participants then use to deconstruct a right-wing populist speech. Participants can test their media literacy in a quiz on fake news, and role play allows them to try out possible ways of reacting to populist argumentation strategies. At the heart of the workshop lies the simulation game „Who the people – populists in power“.

In it, participants experience a newly elected right-wing populist government trying to reconfigure social and political procedures in order to be able to make good on all the election pledges. Civil society is alerted by the realisation that in order to do this, the government is looking to eliminate an independent judiciary and free media. But do civil society actors have enough momentum and resources to resist the government? The game’s outcome is unpredictable – the need for discussion during the game’s evaluation, on the other hand, is inevitable.

And now what? What can we do? Many will ask themselves that question towards the end of the workshop. In a final module, the group establishes possibilities for action, thereby making their own small contribution towards ensuring that Germany continues to have a lively and sometimes loud civil society. Get involved!

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young people aged 15 or older, young adults

  • Discussion of democratic values
  • Understand elements and structure of populism
  • Media competence

1-2 days

Number of participants



Brandenburg, Langenfeld