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Senaryon – Simulation games in the digital age

Consultations within a delegation, negotiating with the other side, deals and compromise proposals, voting on draft articles: Senaryon, our online simulation game platform, brings political simulations to the internet, thereby making them accessible to all those who want to experience the magic of simulation games online. They easily match traditional in-house formats in quality and intensity, often even surpassing them.

Usability is a key point of the Senaryon concept. The participants intuitively navigate the online platform and its clearly structured game phases and are able to fully immerse themselves in the tasks at hand. After all, by playing the roles of relevant actors they become actors in politics themselves. This involves enforcing interests as well as understanding the points of view of others.

Since negotiations take place online, participants interact independently of time and place. Merely the duration of each game phase is fixed; everything else is left up to the participants. The game’s progress and the way participants work together can be monitored via the facilitator’s area. A planpolitik team is following and guiding the game from behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Senaryon is browser-based and can be played on a computer, tablet or a smartphone, without any need to download software. Its modular nature allows for easily adapting the game environment to the desired content, size or target group. Apart from pure online versions, games can also be expanded to include an on-site event.

In 2015, Senaryon won the United Nations PEACEapp award. The international jury appreciated the innovative format, allowing participants to practice conflict management and promoting intercultural exchange.

Facts + Figures

Target group

High school and university students, Young professionals

  • Structure and functionality of political institutions such as EU, UN
  • Becoming familiar with and reflecting upon political and social topics and processes through active participation
  • Playfully training and target-oriented implementation of digital cooperation
  • Improve media skills


Number of participants



World Wide Web


German and English



  • "Simulation games go online: An innovative idea for experiencing European politics in an interactive, exciting and educational way using your computer - be it at school, at home or on the road. Next level for next generation!"

    Michael Buckup, Head of the European Information Centre at the State Chancellery of Lower Saxony.

  • "Our executive Master in EU Studies is an e-learning programme and thus the innovative platform of planpolitik is an ideal addition to our own concept."

    Camille Raffin, Senior Programme Manager at the Centre international de formation europénne (CIFE)

  • "Looking forward to two weeks of simulation game at the end of the seminar provided a strong incentive for my students to really get into the topics of the course. The online phase of the simulation allowed for a degree of identification with the role and a topical depth that 'normal' simulation games can hardly reach. The face-to-face simulation profitted immensely in terms of quality and discursive intensity and was the undisputed highlight of the course."

    Prof. (apl.) Dr. Dawid Friedrich, Professor for Internartional Relations at Leuphana University Lüneburg

  • "Using Senaryon is fantastic to save time. The platform makes it possible for the participants to communicate 24 hours a day."

    Yvonne Lehmann, program manager at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation