International workshop for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Shaping Globalisation!

How can we answer to the global challenges posed by climate change and the fight against poverty? Are there any alternatives to the UN negotiation marathon to tackle these challenges on an international level? These questions were addressed by 25 dedicated young professionals from 17 different countries during a week-long workshop in October 2015! The programme consisted of a rather varied combination of online preparation, discussions with experts, a simulation game, excursions, and an ideas workshop. And there was still time enough for building global networks, for lively exchange, and last not least – for partying together!

In 2010 and 2012 we developed week-long programmes on behalf of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES): using a wide range of interactive methods we aimed at highlighting very different aspects of the global challenges posed by climate change and the fight against poverty. In October 2015 the third edition of the workshop finally took place, and this time with three weeks of online preparation.

FES chose the participants via its international offices – dedicated, knowledgeable people who were all keen on a lively debate. From Indonesia to Peru, from Poland to Zimbabwe – this colourful mix of people suited the topic and had enormously enriching effect on the discussions: a meeting of extremely different perspectives. Consensus was rare, except on one thing: it is high time that something is finally done to combat climate change of the global South.

For planpolitik it was a unique opportunity to use almost its entire portfolio: The participants started with a three-week-long online phase during which they took on the roles of delegates of selected states. Their job was to prepare the coming climate negotiations using our online simulation platform. In Berlin they then became a head of state or a minister for a day to simulate the international climate negotiations. Thereafter we facilitated an ideas lab in which participants developed ideas for an alternative climate policy. In between we had lively talks and discussions with experts from politics and civil society as well as excursions to destinations in Berlin which represent innovative and sustainable urban development in times of climate change.

During the ideas lab of 2015 our most recent software achievement – the conference app – did have its first appearance. The software makes it easy to feed in ideas online and have other participants comment on them.

After each workshop a selection of the ideas lab’s best proposals was published 2010; 2012; 2015 expected in December 2015). At the same time, the ideas continued to be discussed in the participants’ home countries. More than that, some of them were adapted locally and have been turned into practice in the meantime. With great pleasure we notice that the alumni network of the three programmes remains very active until today.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Young professionals from all over the world

  • What are the main challenges posed by climate change and the fight against poverty?
  • What solutions could there be? Building a global network of activists...?

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn


7 days

Number of participants



Bonn (2010), Berlin (2012 and 2015)





  • I never thought that a simulation game about climate change could be this fun and educational at the same time, the credit undoubtedly goes to planpolitik’s distinguished professionalism and preparation; two of the best trainers I ever encountered.

    Bashar Al-Khatib (Trainer from Jordan)

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