Open one-day event for young and old

Social divide or social cohesion?

Hardly any political speech on society fails to note that cohesion is waning and the different groups in society are drifting apart. Why is that so? Is this diagnosis correct when generalised to this extent? This interactive format begins with a discussion of the status quo. Subsequently, new perspectives are developed and discussed with politicians and civil society representatives.

The day consists a variety of activating methods, group discussions, input from our trainers and a final discussion round with decision makers from politics and society. Almost anyone can take part, making for a broad spectrum indeed: students, experts from the world of science, professionals, unemployed persons and pensioners. The aim of the event is to translate this heterogeneity into lively exchange, discussion and networking. This requires high levels of flexibility, empathy and alertness from our trainers.

The participants begin by addressing the question of what social division actually is and which forms of it they or their friends and acquaintances have experienced. Following that discussion, some theses on the topic of social division are presented and everybody is asked to express their take on them. Familiarised with the topic and the variety of experiences in the room, the participants now receive some input: definitions are introduced, broad categories of social division are examined and trends in social developments considered. Building on this, participants form groups according to their interests and address questions of promoting and securing social cohesion. This work serves as a direct preparation for the following moderated discussion with politicians and civil society representatives. Based on experience, this discussion rarely yields generalised statements but usually addresses concrete and often regionally relevant problems and produces demands directed at local politics.

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Target group

Open to anybody who is interested

  • Knowledge on the social division
  • Exchange with others
  • Developing alternatives

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Hessen, Hamburg


1 day

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various, e.g. Darmstadt, Kassel, Hamburg, Bremen