Organising, moderating and guiding the second „Federal Conference of European Schools“

The No-Worries-All-Round Conference Package

170 participants who work in European Schools, administration and youth education gathered at Berlin’s European House. planpolitik in charge not only of moderating, but also of pretty much everything else, from registration management to defining objectives.

The discussion around the latter was at the heart of this conference: what should the primary objective of EU education be – inspiring enthusiasm? Explaining? Criticizing?

As early as the opening discussion panel, this question resonated in the room. The following talk revealed Prof. Jürgen Neyer (Europa-Universität Viadrina) to be an inspiring keynote speaker. The afternoon was reserved for more concrete work on suitable materials and methods for teaching.

Available concepts for teaching and extra-curricular projects, for primary school kids and people in vocational training, were introduced and tested in a number of workshops taking place simultaneously. A world cafe round provided an opportunity for direct exchange.

During the entire conference, the participants were using the secure digital space provided by planpolitik’s ConferenceApp to talk about European schools in their federal state, share best practices on methods and materials and give feedback on the conference

We were kept busy throughout: during the preparation period we organised speakers, arranged technical support and catering, were the main point of contact for the hosts, North Rhine-Westphalia’s State Chancellery, looked after participants, met the representatives in charge on location. On the day, we moderated, gave out information, sorted through and documented…pretty much everything.

Facts + Figures

Target group

Teachers at European Schools and European education actors

  • Exchange about concepts for European schools and their implementation Reflecting on objectives and methods in European education Contact between schools, administration and non-school education

North Rhine-Westphalia State Chancellery


1 day

Number of participants








  • Thank you for organising this interesting event. Well worth attending!

  • Many thanks for successfully organising a very interesting and productive conference last Thursday!

  • Well organised, great catering (maybe a few more service points next time), interesting speakers, good ideas for structuring the panel discussion and group phases, nicely put-together programme (short and interesting units) – many thanks to all organisers and sponsors!

  • Exciting and informative – particularly Mr Neyer’s talk was very inspiring!