Event series for experts on the topic of the immigration society

What if…?

As an immigration country, what will Germany look like ten years from now? Which paths will refugees and migrants have taken? In which ways will society, politics and the economy differ from now? Over the course of four scenario workshops commissioned by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, young experts approach possible answers. The results are documented and published by the Foundation.

For the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s project „The Immigration Society in Practice“ there is no question of whether Germany is an immigration country or not. The question is how living together in our immigration society can be shaped in such a way that allows all population groups to participate. This is where we come in: In four workshops we get together with young experts to examine three possible future scenarios, one in which the situation has taken a very positive turn, one which has turned out very negative and one in which the status quo of today has been continued. This allows for an analytical evaluation of the different development options, revealing the assumptions at the heart of each scenario.

In the first workshop, the participants examined what life in the country and in the cities will look like in ten years time. Will there be a so-called „second flight“ into metropolitan areas among recognised refugees? Which incentives can be created in order to ensure a balanced distribution across urban and rural areas? What type of scenario would be most desirable?

The experts are faced with the exciting challenge of determining which political decisions must be made at which points in time in order to reach the desired future outcome. Professional journalists who also take part in the workshops then communicate these recommendations in journalistic articles, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Publications SZENARIEN der Einwanderungsgesellschaft (in German)
Edition 1|2016: Wo wohnen Geflüchtete in der Zukunft?
Edition 2|2016: Nun sag Deutschland, wie hast du’s mit der Migration?
Ausgabe 3|2016: Welches Leitbild des Zusammenlebens wollen wir?
Edition 4|2016: Nach dem Anschlag: Wie verändert Terror unsere Gesellschaft?

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Target group

Young experts on the topic of the immigration society

  • Creating scenarios that depict realistic developments into extreme situations
  • The realisation that the future is not without alternatives
  • Develop visionary ideas that hold up to realistic basic assumptions

Friedrich Ebert Foundation


One day each, 4 day altogether

Number of participants