Moderating an expert conference by Germany-wide campaign “Jugendschutz aktiv”

What makes young people tick?

As part of the Germany-wide campaign “Jugendschutz aktiv” (Active protection of minors) we designed and moderated an expert conference for the federal state of Brandenburg under the title “What makes young people tick? Protection of minors between legislation and responsibility in action.” 120 experts gathered at the state chancellery in Potsdam to discuss challenges in modern protection of minors.

All attendants stressed that those who are responsible need new and contemporary answers to alcohol and drug abuse, violence and gambling addiction. Stricter laws or expensive and “uncool” campaigns rarely help, the experts said. What does help is information and prevention, but by far the best way is to treat young people with respect. According to the experts, many politicians do not understand this and instead make the wrong demands and thereby create ever new restrictions and prohibitions. Or, as one expert put it: Are we still protecting minors or are we protecting ourselves against them?

The lively discussion in groups and panels was enriched by insights from science and practical examples, such as a talk by the director of Sinus-Akademie, Peter Martin Thomas. Also among the guests were the President of the Brandenburg Landtag, Gunter Fritsch and Youth Minister Martina Münch.

The final conclusion was that there is no such thing as THE typical minor, and there must therefore be a differentiated policy for the protection of minors. What remains all the more difficult is the implementation of political guidelines. The topic remains exciting…

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Experts in protection of minors

  • Insights and exchange between experts on new approaches to the protection of minors
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Aktion Kinder- und Jugendschutz Brandenburg e.V.


1 day

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State chancellery Potsdam




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